Life Transformation Group
Reading Schedule
Our Prime Commission from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is to “make Disciples”. A Disciple, as defined by Webster’s dictionary, is “a pupil or follower of any teacher or school”. We can conclude then that a Disciple of Jesus Christ is a follower or pupil of Jesus himself, not a member of a specific religion or Church. We at Breath of Life Fellowship encourage this discipleship journey through personal time spent with Jesus in prayer and scripture reading, meditation and memorization. The way we teach and encourage these disciplines is through Life Transformation Groups or LTG’s.

This is a suggested plan of reading that much of the body will be reading through at the same time and Pastor Dave will be preaching from on Sunday mornings. If you are not in a Life Transformation Group and would like to learn more please contact Pastor Dave at

Dave Swanson


September 6, 2020            John 1                     Memory Verse: John 1:1

September 13, 2020         John 2-3                   Memory Verse: John 3:16-17

September 20, 2020        John 4-5                    Memory Verse: John 4:13-14

September 27, 2020        John 6-7                    Memory Verse: John 6:35



















October 4, 2020                John 8-9                    Memory Verse: 

October 11, 2020              John 10-11                 Memory Verse: 

October 18, 2020              John 12-13                  Memory Verse: 

October 25, 2020             John 14-15                    Memory Verse: 



















November 1, 2020                John 16-17                   Memory Verse:

November 8, 2020               John 18-19                   Memory Verse:

November 15, 2020             John 20-21                   Memory Verse:

November 22, 2020             Galatians 1-2               Memory Verse:

November 29. 2020             Galatians 3-4               Memory Verse:



















December 6, 2020                Galatians 5-6                   Memory Verse:

December 13, 2020              2&3 John                        Memory Verse:

December 20, 2020             Matthew 1-2                   Memory Verse:

December 27, 2020             Matthew 3-4                  Memory Verse: