What We Believe

About God

God is the creator of all that the universe entails, including the cosmos, the Earth and the inhabitants of the Earth. We believe that there is more evidence for the origins of these things, including the origins of Humankind to be by intelligent design, and not by accident, otherwise termed as “the theory of Evolution”. We believe that God exists as is explained in the
Holy Bible, the oldest and most reliable text known to humankind. We believe that God is revealed to humankind in the person of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit and created us for the purpose of intimate relationship with a being created in His image. In other words, to love us, and be loved by us. We separate ourselves from the possibility of this relationship when we
assume an improper position in life and try to become “like God, knowing good and evil”. This is a grievous offense to God, and one that He cannot tolerate without penalty, so He came in the image of a Son, Jesus Christ to pay the price for the offense, sacrificing His own life so that we may again come into right relationship with Him. Then, in order to build that intimate relationship and empower us to experience life as He intended it, He returned in the form of His Holy Spirit to reside in the hearts of the believers thereby creating the most intimate relationship we could ever know.

About Church

The Church is not an organization, it is a living organism. Each person is a living cell in the body of Christ that is the Church. Each cell must be intimately and adamantly connected to the Head (Christ Jesus) and empowered by the Holy Spirit (of Jesus Christ) or we become like a finger that is cut off from the body, without life giving blood and impulse from the
brain. It does not matter where we meet, or what day or time we meet. Sunday is not the Sabbath day and all days are Holy when lived unto the Lord.

About Giving

Money is not sinful or righteous. It is an inanimate object that is to be used by the children of God to bless and provide for people. Tithe was a tenth of an income (crops usually) and was God’s by law so it could be considered a tax. Children of the King do not pay tax (Matthew 17:24-26), but the King owns everything, not just a tenth so while the children
of the King may have great treasures at their disposal, they own none of it. “Each one should decide in their heart what to give, and give it without compulsion…” (2 Corinthians 9:7) In pre-Christ days, mankind was compelled to give 10%. Now as family of the King of Kings we give without compulsion and give it cheerfully for He who cares for the Lilies of the field and the
sparrows of the air, cares even more for His children and provides for all of our needs. Giving of our money is a trust building act and an antidote for loving money or things more than our Father in Heaven. We give quietly and purposefully to watch as he provides lavishly.